WRITING ON the EARTH - ali mohammad ghasemi personal website
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Selection Venice Film Festival, Italy 2005

selection leeds film festival 2005

selection fajr film festival 2006

” New Currents ” section of 10th Pusan International Film Festiva (Korea-2005)

19th Leeds International Film Festival ( UK-2005 )

7th International Film Festival Bratislava ( Slovakia-2005 )

35th International Film Festival Rotterdam ( The Netherlands-2006 )

18th Riga International Film Forum Arsenals (Latvia-2006)

Osian’ s -Cinefan Festvial of Asian Cinema ( India- 2006 )

11th Split Film Festival (Croatia-2006)

Feature film, 35 mm 75 min
Director: Ali Mohammad Ghasemi
Scriptwriters: Ali Mohammad Ghasemi
Director of Photography: Ali Mohammad Ghasemi