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About This Project

Azam Najafian co-author of the screenplay dogs and crazy in love
Mistakes are part of life, and experience frequent mistakes in life when the time comes. Environment, friendship, love and pain, is the life of man. Some relying on the experience of others in the right direction and walk past some stubborn and unresponsive to go the way of life of thousands of wrong and must pay out of pocket or from the spirit and soul it cost.
Love and understand the new generation that adheres to the principles of wrong love life is not experience conditions that can cause havoc and problems Jbransh simply can not be done.
People make mistakes all the time of their lives and the consequences of these mistakes in the small rural atmosphere is totally different, where we all know each other and even the possibility of losing their own.
Highlands efforts, coffee houses of way, may wander among the mountains, snow and wind opportunity to tell the human story to the camera, Ali Mohammad Ghasemi provide defamiliarize of a beautiful area that tell people the story of the ugly and hidden pain Travelers pass intercepted mist beautiful roads no time do not realize it, come and go without the generosity of nature in covering rabble understand.