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Kick boxer Farshad does an interview upon his success and talks about his life and how the officials have let him down. He is banned from fighting in Iran, but it’s an unspoken and unwritten suspension with no legal document. He decides to leave the country in order to save his career and have a successful comeback.



Hidden wounds of wartime do not end with the war. They keep resurfacing in new forms. Children that never tasted a father’s love ; a father whose body and mind has been compromised as a result of war and now mistreats his healthy son whose only passion is his sport. A new fight for life and health, for honour and homeland. But alas, the bitterness of time doesn’t allow it. Social problems and inequality are a new war for a young generation that in order to realise its dreams has no choice but to run “on foot in time”.

Documentary : 100 Min    2017
Director : Azam Najafian , Ali Mohammad Ghasemi
Director of Photography : Ali mohammad Ghassemi

directed / screenplay & edited  by :
Azam Najafian
Ali Mohammad Ghasemi
director of photography :
Ali Mohammad Ghasemi
sound design :
Behrouz Shahamat
 produced by :
Ali Mohammad Ghasemi